Coventry Kid

Coventry’s famous clock depicting Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom

If anyone had asked me before I started researching my family history where I was from I would have said emphatically “Coventry”. I considered myself a ‘Coventry Kid’ through and through. However I was soon to find out that my Coventry bloodline only came down through my Mother’s family. Here I can trace generations back of people born in that city. Yes both of my parents were born there but my Father’s family came from several places ‘down south’!

Looking at my maternal line the furthest afield they seemed to go was Birmingham, 20 miles down the road. This would probably be to find work but they always came back to their home city.

Coventry Transport Museum

My paternal Grandmother, while she herself was born in Coventry in the district of Foleshill and Lowe, her father originated from Portsea in Hampshire. Her mother’s family, the Holtom’s, were a Coventry family.

My paternal Grandfather had moved to Coventry from Hook Norton in Oxfordshire where I can trace back his mother’s family. His father however was born in Buckingham, which was the county town of Buckinghamshire until the 18th century, when that honour fell to Aylesbury. In fact I can trace his family back to the villages of Tingewick and Preston Bisset both in Buckinghamshire.

So I may have a strange Midlands accent but as for a pure Coventry lineage that has been blown out of the water.

Swanswell Gate, Coventry. One of the two remaining town wall gates.


Welcome to GREY LIVES. No matter how you stumbled onto my little blog you may be wondering why I gave it a title that makes it sound slightly depressing. Well let me explain that in this case Grey has nothing to do with the colour or how you might describe a dull dismal November day or your mood on a Monday morning. It is simply that I was born a Grey. I’m Trudy and although my surname has changed twice in my life through marriage I came into this world as Trudy Grey.

Me and Dad

Since the year 2000 I have been researching my family history and now I have so many people that are a part of my story. Of course they aren’t all Grey’s, there are Jones’s, Marsh’s,  Barnacle’s and many more. Possibly my favourite so far is Bunney, who wouldn’t love one of those in their family.

So this blog is their story, their lives as I see it. From Blacksmiths to Farmers, Silk Weavers and Watchmakers all have contributed to that great gene pool that made me. It’s not an amazing unique story it is like thousands of others. Ordinary folk trying their best to weave a path through their time on this earth.

Me and Mum