Welcome to GREY LIVES. No matter how you stumbled onto my little blog you may be wondering why I gave it a title that makes it sound slightly depressing. Well let me explain that in this case Grey has nothing to do with the colour or how you might describe a dull dismal November day or your mood on a Monday morning. It is simply that I was born a Grey. I’m Trudy and although my surname has changed twice in my life through marriage I came into this world as Trudy Grey.

Me and Dad

Since the year 2000 I have been researching my family history and now I have so many people that are a part of my story. Of course they aren’t all Grey’s, there are Jones’s, Marsh’s,  Barnacle’s and many more. Possibly my favourite so far is Bunney, who wouldn’t love one of those in their family.

So this blog is their story, their lives as I see it. From Blacksmiths to Farmers, Silk Weavers and Watchmakers all have contributed to that great gene pool that made me. It’s not an amazing unique story it is like thousands of others. Ordinary folk trying their best to weave a path through their time on this earth.

Me and Mum

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